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Insurance companies must manage their risk effectively to remain and profitable. Homeowners insurance companies are exposed to a variety of risks, ranging from natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods, to economic downturns, or a higher-than-expected number of claims at a given time. Reinsurance helps insurers manage these risks by spreading them across multiple parties, reducing the potential financial impact of a single catastrophic event.

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What is Reinsurance

Reinsurance is insurance of insurance. Reinsurance is a contract that reinsurance companies indemnifies a primary insurer for losses paid under a primary insurer's policies. Reinsurers assumes risk fr

Predictive Modeling in insurance industry

Claims Forecasting - insurers can use predictive modeling to forecast the number of claims, cause of loss and severity of claims. Fraud Detection - insures can use predictive models identify patterns


ROL is a term used to express the cost of reinsurance coverage as the percentage of the limit of coverage. ROL stands for "Rate on Line". It is a way to standardize the cost of reinsurance so it can b


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